Some agile or serious agile?

Others have thought and written about this already. Can you achieve significant benefits by just “cherry picking” some of the agile practices? You can — you may just find yourself disappointed about the results.

Doing Agile means executing the agile practices such as daily scrums, sprints, etc. as closely as possible to “as prescribed“ description, and trying to “inspect and adapt” to remove impediments to achieving the “as prescribed” execution.

Being Agile goes beyond just executing agile practices — which obviously still need to be executed and perfected. Being agile is a state that can be reached once we have internalized the agile mindset, values, and principles then applying the right practices and tailoring them to different situations as they arise.

In other words, I believe strongly that you have to be pretty serious if you want to see significant benefits from an agile transformation. Hint: This will affect not just the troop level, but all people involved with the business, specifically leadership types. Like a much smarter mind once said: “do or do not — there is no try

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