Mediation & Coaching

Mediation & Coaching

We encounter conflicts every day. In most cases, they dissolve as quickly as they came. But it is at those times when we need this ability most that it leaves us, which is when we are exposed to stress and high dynamics. Thus exactly the factors which today’s economy constitutes.

The impact of conflicts in organizations are very well known:

  • 10 to 15 percent of working time in every company is spent on conflict resolution
  • 30 to 50 percent of the weekly working hours of managers are directly or indirectly with frictional losses, conflicts or conflict consequences
  • Absence due to work-related anxiety and mobbing in the workplace costs companies around 30 billion euros annually
  • The costs per mobbing case average 60,000 euros
  • Fluctuation costs, severance payments, health care costs due to internal conflicts burden companies with several billion euros annually
  • One percent of employee costs per year are lost for unresolved conflicts

The early recognition and sustainable solution of conflicts is therefore essential from both a human and economic perspective.

The Heidelberger Mediation Model

The Heidelberger Mediation Model is a world wide proven framework for sustainable conflict resolution. All our Mediators are trained and experienced in applying it to all kind of conflict pattern in and between organizations.

What we offer to support you

Based on the Heidelberger Mediation Model wie enable the conflict parties to understand their conflict and agree on a sustainable solution by

  • Identifying the conflict parties
  • Collecting the reasons for conflict
  • Understanding the underlying needs
  • Development of solutions
  • Agreement on a binding solution