Organizational Change

Enabling Change in your organisation

Change is omnipresent in companies. Topics such as digitalization, Industry 4.0, agility, the Internet of Things, and crises such as Covid-19 or the financial crisis from 2008 onwards demand that companies have the ability to change and adapt continuously.

At the same time, the dynamism has increased over the last few years. Globalization has increased the number of companies with which one is in direct competition and digitalization enables young start-ups to challenge established companies with new business models. Therefore, change initiatives must be implemented quickly, sustainably and with a real focus on improving value creation.

Classic change approaches fail to meet these challenges:

  • Organizational change is complex – that means it is full of surprises (dynamics) and unpredictable. Therefore, extensive planning does not make any sense
  • In a dynamic and fast market, we do not have time to plan 3 months for a change. We need change quickly and then it must be sustainable implemented in the organization
  • Organizational change is a social phenomenon. Change is all about communication and interaction between employees and not – as before – top-down communication of decisions

Change can only succeed if employees actively participate in shaping the change and enable constant practice – change – learning.

What we offer to support you

We enable sustainable change for better value creation by using the knowledge in the organization and by actively involving employees in shaping the change. Thus, we achieve the goal in only 90 days and anchor the results in the organization in a sustainable way bye:

  • Helping others see the need for change through a bold, aspirational opportunity statement that communicates the importance of acting immediately.
  • Invite the organization to create the change because Large-scale change can only occur when massive numbers of people rally around a common opportunity.
  • Removing barriers such as inefficient processes and hierarchies provides the freedom necessary to work across silos and generate real impact.
  • Articulate the connections between the new behaviors and organizational success, making sure they continue until they become strong enough to replace old habits.